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Our system design service includes materials sourcing and configuration according to the specifications of your environment. We work in consultation with your site manager and staff to determine the optimal solution.
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At Crossair the installation process involves more than set-up. We understand that whatever devices, appliances, or fixtures we’re integrating into your environment are financial investments.
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Crossair engineering service provides a comprehensive mix of environmental compliance expertise, process knowledge, and construction project management capabilities to address chemical, industrial, mechanical, and environmental challenges.
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At Crossair, we view every component of your operations as a significant financial investment. That includes your personnel, who will work with or in proximity to your equipment everyday.
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Crossair conducts rigorous tests on your system to ensure maximum performance. The same engineering team that designed the system manages this process. Each component is examined thoroughly and then the entire system is assessed against our strict safety and process guidelines.
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Preventative Maintenance

A Crossair Preventative Maintenance Program will increase the duration and quality of your investment. Downtime, loss of production and extra costs due to maintenance problems and emergency repairs will virtually become a thing of the past.
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