Mist Eliminators

A True Closed Loop System

Filter Contaminates with Mist Eliminators

Mist eliminators collect water droplets and oil mist from an air stream and divert the liquid to an appropriate drain. They also functions as a washable, low-efficiency particulate filter able to control or remove contaminates such as chromic acid mists, alkaline mists, electrolytic nickel mists, sulfuric acid mists, phosphoric mists, chromic anodizing, sulfuric acid from battery charging operations, alkaline cleaning, and many more. Most mist eliminators are designed for use within outdoor air ducts, such as side access housings and built up filter banks.

Mist eliminators utilize composite mesh or vane plate surfaces to separate mist droplets from gas streams through mechanical impingement and inertial impaction. A larger surface area and a small volume allows liquid to be collected without substantially impeding the flow of gas.

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Mist Eliminators with State of the Art Engineering

Crossair provides the most advanced chromium and/or acid mist eliminators available in the industry today, utilizing the latest composite mesh pad technology to meet the strictest standards, including the California standard, the EPA new source MACT standard, and state-level air quality management district (AQMD) standards.

Our multi-stage unit, of properly selected and sequenced mesh pads, is engineered to remove specific particle sizes. Our systems drain chromium for recovery back to the plating tank and the mesh pads are sealed inside the vessel to prevent bypass. The system can also run dry with an automatic spray wash down. This keeps the mesh pads clean while returning the chromium rinse back to the plating tank to compensate for evaporation loss. No effluent goes to waste treatment.